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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

      Locally finding these vibrantly colored 'Fur Yarns' I was preparing to use them on a project by first cutting the yarn into smaller 9 foot pieces to make them manageable.  Yellow was the least common color in the balls of yarn so I cut pieces leaving the yellow section in the middle of 9 foot strands.  As I began laying these pieces loosely side by side on a long table I was reminded of the sun.  I then centered all of the yellow sections while nudging them closer together to see how they would look compressed.  It looked nice as there was a possibility to create a sunrise/sunset.  Next I had to choose between continuing with my original project plans, or to abandon those thoughts and embark on this new idea. 

      I soon returned to a few stores and purchased the rest of their stock of this type of yarn.  The strand with the longest section of yellow became the center of the sun as I then arranged the other pieces above and below attempting to create a circle with the yellow parts.  After completing the design I bought a piece of foam board and stuck industrial strength carpet tape across the surface.  I started adhering horizontally the longest yellow strand in the middle of the board while continuing the pattern I organized before.  When I finished the sun area I then used a different shade of the same type of fur yarn to display separation from the sun.  After this I cut the excess foam board and was left with a rectangular shape       

      The appearance of my project did not stir any emotions or impress me inside as I felt something was missing.  After thinking what could be done I decided to cut off parts of the project.  Experimenting with different angles of possible cuts by covering that area visually, I eventually arrived to the shape you see now.  It was a strange feeling to remove about a fourth of the material that I had already assembled, but after cutting the 4 corners at the angles chosen I was satisfied.  For me it was an example of 'less is more'.  The material is soft and can be caressed while the view of colors change constantly from different view points.  It is recommended to view this from afar at first, then to stroll closer.  This material has been discontinued by the company.

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