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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

      While traveling around Sri Lanka I picked up unique materials to hopefully use in a project one day.  In this country they raised big colorful umbrellas to shade selected people from the sun during traditional ceremonies and festivals which inspired me to decorate an umbrella.  I had easily visited over 100 different fabric stores (they are very common there) to find the perfect fabric for the cover of the umbrella.  I added trim along the inside and outside edges of the umbrella to hide the connection of the fabric as well as to conceal the holes made while securing the tassels and dome shaped objects that are dangling.  Originally the domed shaped ornaments were parts of earrings that I disassembled.  

      When I bought the tassels, trim and dome shaped earrings in Sri Lanka, I was not aware that eventually I would use them as décor for the umbrella.  Only after finding this fabric near the end of my trip did I realize that all of these materials were color coordinated.  When I arrived home I ordered the biggest umbrella I could find to start the assembly.  From underneath the umbrella when illuminated from above you will also see the shadow of the fabric on the umbrella providing another unique feature.  The fully opened umbrella picture was taken outside on a cloudy day.  The other days I met with the 'professional' photographer were only at night. 

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