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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

       While traveling around Sri Lanka I found this bright chenille trim in a few different unrelated stores in multiple cities.  This enabled me to obtain a large quantity in a variety of colors.  Having to decide what to make with the new trim, I thought that the two different shades of blue represented sky and water while the yellow was sun and green land.  The other colors were a bit more unclear at first until a blended sunset sky came to mind.  I measured the total length of each colored material to estimate the maximum size possibility of the project.  Originally I only envisioned the sun in the center requiring just a small amount of yellow, but since I had so much extra yellow material I thought it was a waste to only utilize a fraction of it.  The sun's rays then popped in my mind so I incorporated them. 

       First I cut 4 triangular pieces that when connected formed a rectangle.  With one of them I started using fabric tape glue to adhere fabric to the foam board, then I used fabric tape glue again to adhere the trim to the fabric.  I overlapped the trims a little bit to hide the gaps and to provide an extra 3D effect.  From the center outward, row by row I continued as each line of trim became longer and longer.  After finishing a row I would then cut the trim to have it begin the next row.  The left and right foam board pieces were then cut into two allowing sun rays to slide though them.  Lastly the sun was added which can be removed while transporting.  It is recommended to view this from afar at first, and then to stroll slowly closer.

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