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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

      While visiting Romania I entered a store that sold roving wool of big chunks and colors that I had not seen offered before.  At the end of my trip I bought enough material to fill up an entire piece of extra stuffed luggage.  Not thinking of a design while purchasing, I simply bought an equal amount of many colors and on the plane ride home from excitement I sketched the idea I wanted to make.  The design chosen was influenced by the variety of colors I possessed, wanting to include as many as possible.  'Needle Felting' is the technique I used to join the wool to the felt fabric behind it.  First I placed and connected foam floor mats underneath a large piece of felt fabric that would absorb the puncturing needles as I intertwined the wool into the fabric. 

      The rainbow stripes contain 100% Romanian wool, while underneath the mountain surfaces there is a thin portion of American wool because I finished the brown color acquired abroad.  The mountains also contain felt fabric underneath the surface layer and recycled stuffing to preserve the outward shape against collapse from gravity.  There is a long curved metal bar underneath the top rainbow color that is secured with vinyl and stitching on both sides to permit hanging.  It is recommended to view this from afar at first, then to walk closer.  

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