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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

      This idea's conception was thought of after acquiring a few different materials throughout the years.  Involved are 2 identical sweaters that I found in thrift stores, (I originally thought these sweaters would represent snow falling.)  The blue and red hand dyed roving wool I bought in Maine at a small fair during a road trip, and the thick yellow beaded stars I acquired last locally.  I decided to place the stars on the sweater to see how it looked, and instead of stars in the background of a snowy night, everything looked like stars to me.  It reminded me of sitting by the beach looking outward at night so I thought of replicating this scene requiring some water.  

      I used the blue roving wool and shaped it to appear like waves, while I thought the mixed colors of red, gold and brown somehow made a good border at the top as if the end of sunset.  The size of this piece was limited to the amount of blue and red wool I had as I also placed cotton balls underneath the sweater to enhance the 3D visual sky effect. 

      After I finished assembling these materials it appeared to me that something was missing.  I believed that a boat was needed to capture the feeling of being isolated in the middle of an ocean engulfed by a beautiful endless sky.  Searching online I found this small fishing boat that was an appropriate size and placed it in a location to make it appear as if the boat was in motion.  This piece can also be viewed in the dark with a spot light shining on it from above or an angle to provide the feeling of night with a full moon glistening.  

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