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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

      This project unknowingly was started by first acquiring the vase at a thrift store.  Like most of my projects I obtain interesting materials without having an immediate plan for them.  One day I found some beaded metal garland which I had never seen or experimented with before so I gave it a try.  Because we can see through parts of the garland, I thought that using it on the glass vase was appropriate to keep the translucent theme consistent.  I coated the entire vase tightly with the garland wire, but felt there was something missing when finished.  Then I added garland to the very top stretching outward hovering over the vase and curved those wires to represent a spiral.  I thought It was just 'ok' and placed it on my shelf for a couple of years.          Later I found this metal chain which I thought would represent a mini ladder some day, but while playing with it I was reminded of a swing's seat as I bent it from its vertical position.  Size wise it was appropriate for the vase as I envisioned the possibility that it could be transformed into a carousel.  I cut the ladder shaped metal chain into pieces, folded them into seat positions and then glued them to hold their frame.  I then ordered some tiny regular chains that slipped through the gaps of the chain ladder to help suspend the seats in air below the hovering garland above.  After that I ordered some miniature people and glued them on while adding a 'rotating display stand' underneath encouraging a carousel like feel as this vase can also be filled with anything or even turned into an carousel aquarium.

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