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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

      I found these paper mache animals in the clearance section one day locally.  Being in clearance I felt that I had to decide right then and there how much to buy since the store was a bit out of the way.  It was also the first time I had come across a quantity of paper mache items shaped like animals so I collected about 60 of them.  I wasn't to confident or sure at the time if or what I would use them for, but I had to make an attempt for the sake of art.  Months later I started to experiment with them by first creating a base.  I glued them to a thick piece of cardboard and thought it looked nice so I continued to make a second similar but different base still clueless of a final idea.  After looking at these two bases side by side, it was logical to connect them together since I was also limited in the remaining quantity of animals I had.  Since I was attaching them through the air I used a glue gun that dried instantly but strong because of the porous material being adhered together.  I added some artificial moss and trees for atmosphere while the representing water is from a textured shirt I bought in a thrift store. 

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