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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Dress Len. - 41 in / 3.4  ft' / 1 m               2019 - 2022
Mannequin size -
       Waist  -   25  in″  /  63.5  cm
       Hips    -   35  in" /  89  cm
       Chest  -   36 in″  /  91 cm
Weight of dress and scarves together -  2.7 lbs. / 1.2 kg
Materials - 52  Various summer scarves,
Hand made cotton thread dress.
The story of this Dress is written below the pictures :)

       I came across thousands of scarves being sold by vendors during my time in South Africa.  With the best selection I had ever seen I decided to purchase about 80 of them and shipped them home by boat.  When they arrived I couldn't think of a good idea how to use them so I stored them in a closet.  A couple of years later while playing with them I was reminded of the end of a dress being blown in the wind at the bottom.  SInce I didn't know how to use a sewing machine (and still don't) I thought of finding a 'Fishnet dress' with big enough holes to slip the scarves through instead of sewing 52 scarves together.  The design was chosen by trialing ideas as this dress has never been worn before so it will mold to the first one who wears it.  The length can also be changed by folding the cotton dress underneath while placing the scarves through the holes.  The scarves are sewn through the top ruffles to each other connecting one from the front to one in the back. They can be removed for washing as the scarves are not physically connected to the dress.  

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