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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Height     -   23  in″   /   .58  m                         2022
Diameter -   33  in″   /   .8    m
Weight    -    .8   lb    /   .36  kg
Materials - 10 varieties of trim with over 36 shades of color,
Hand made cotton umbrella, Fabric glue, 1002 pieces.
The story of this umbrella is written below the pictures :)

      While visiting Thailand I went to the fabric market to obtain materials and bought lots of 'Clothes trims' since they were abundant.  While searching I also came across this hand made umbrella in the area.  Presently having all of the materials needed I decided to decorate the umbrella while still there.  As there are infinite ways to design and place these trims it was a bit intimidating.  During adhesion of the design, the original plan would change after seeing initial visions turned into physical realities. I usually squeezed glue onto a toothpick for precise spotless gluing.

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