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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Height   -   21   in″  /   .5 m                     2017
Length  -   41   in″   /   1 m
Depth    -    3    in″   /   7.6 cm
Materials - Hand dyed roving wool, Textured fabric,
Thick star shaped beads, Wooden fishing ship, Cotton balls, 
Foam board, Eucalyptus hardwood, Glue.
The story of this wall piece is written below the pictures :)

     First I found two identical sweaters at seperate thrift stores that I thought resembled stars and galaxies at night.  Then I acquired the blue and red hand dyed wool at a craft fair in Maine.  Lastly I picked up thick star shaped yellowish beads and placed them on the sweater.  It reminded me of being at the beach in darkness gazing upon the endless sky.  I decided to replicate this image with what you see adding cotton balls underneath to enhance a 3D effect.  Finally I attached the fishing boat to provide a secluded remote middle of the ocean type of feel.  This piece can also be viewed in the dark with a single spot light on it from above or an angle to replicate the moonlight.

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