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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Can you find the conjoined           twins playing drums?

Height  -  70 in″ / 5.8 ft' / 1.7 m                          2016
Length -  69 in″ / 5.7 ft' / 1.7 m
Width   -  1   inch  /  2.5 cm
Materials - 32 Unique hand made African wax batiks,
Wooden foldable room divider, Glue.
The story of this creation is written below the pictures :)

Below is the front side

Below is the back side

     While visiting and volunteering in South Africa I came across thousands of these 'African wax batiks'.  They seemed to glow like neon lights in the daytime from the sun's rays that shone behind them.  I acquired many and upon arriving home decided that a room divider would be the best way to display them.  This way both sides could be seen or at least one side would be illuminated from behind.  Being able to fit 32 pieces on this particular room divider, I attempted to present a balance of colors, different themed stories and animals.  The wax techniques used penetrates the material to exhibit on both sides showing that these are not prints.  If you look closely at the top two pictures on this web page you will notice that one side is the back and the other is the front without noticing a difference besides the position of the batiks.  Each batik expresses a story :)

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