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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Height  - 23 in″ / 1.9 Ft' / 58.4 cm                          2016
Length - 96 in″ /  8 Ft'   / 2.4 m    
Depth   - .4  inch  /  1 cm
Materials - Fur Yarn, Foam board, Eucalyptus hardboard 
Fabric tape glue, Carpet tape.
The story of this creation is written below the pictures :)

        Initially I bought this 'Fur yarn' to use with a different project.  When I was cutting the yarn into smaller pieces to work with they were places next to each other with the yellow section in the center.  It reminded of a sunrise/sunset so I decided to disregard the original project idea and move forward with this new one.  I bought a piece of foam board and covered it with industrial carpet tape to adhered the strips of yarn in a pattern of the sun.  I was left with a rectangular shape and decided to cut the corners to leave this more appealing shape.  The displayed colors change dramatically with the angle and distance you are view it from.

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