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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

        Creating three dimensional art has always provided an extra constructive challenge of competing against gravity, assembly, durability, functionality, design, presentation, techniques, aesthetics, discovering new materials,  compatibility of elements and remaining calm throughout difficulties.  It is    wonderfully exhilarating.

      Nine of my projects (excluding jewelry) contain materials from five different countries that I personally sourced while traveling aboard.  When traveling I mostly stay in hostels and always get involved with the underprivileged for instance spending over 90 days among 9 orphanages in 4 countries, assisting and conversing with the homeless daily in places or locally in the USA gutting houses for 2 weeks in New Orleans after Katrina, building a house with Habitat for Humanity and much more.  

      I still possess many foreign and local materials awaiting for their moment of creation and have plenty of ideas for new projects to fill entire walls, ceilings and rooms to immerse ourselves in.

     I grew up, currently live and built this website in Long Island New York 2023.  

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