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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Necklace Len. - 18 in″  / 45 cm               2019
Bracelet Len. -  6.5 in″ / 16.5 cm
Materials -  Hand made glass confetti beads (3 sizes)
Swarovski pink with silver accent beads (2 sizes)
The story of these ornaments is written below the pictures :)

      While traveling around South Korea, I made it to the central fabric district to look for creative materials and fortuitously found a building with a few floors that exclusively sold beads.  These hand made glass confetti beads are the most spectacular beads I have ever seen because their appearance also changes with motion.      After the purchase I sat down in the building to figure out what would compliment these exciting colors of the rainbow to create a necklace and matching bracelet.  I experimented with some colors and concluded that a shade of pink with shiny accents of silver were best from everything else I had tried.  Different sized beads of the pink shade were also needed to prevent the larger confetti beads from sliding out of their designated place. 

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