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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Diameter  -  6 inches  / 15 cm                            2016
Materials  -  Hand crochet flowers, Dodge ball, Glue.
The story of this ball is written below the pictures :)

      While traveling in Peru I came across hair scrunches with a bright colored knitted flower attached to an elastic band.  After inquiring about the little remaining quantity I stepped back and thought what was possible to make.  I had already walked all around town so I knew this was the only place that sold these hand made items.  In less than a minute I had thought to attach them to a small ball since there was a limited supply and the ball size could also be adjusted.  I bought the remaining bunch from the vendor and simply glued them to a dodge ball using large rubber bands to apply pressure while gluing.  This soft ball can definitely be bounced and played with.

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