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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Height     -  40 in″ /  3.3  ft'  / 1 m                         2021
Diameter -  50 in″ /  4.1  ft' / 1.2 m
Weight    -   2.7  lb    /   1.2 kg
Materials -  Lace fabric, Tassels, Clothes trim,
Silk thread domes (from Jhumka earrings),
Umbrella, Fabric glue
The story if this Umbrella is written below the pictures :)
Gdrive_Art for the ages00470_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

inside / underneath edge

       While visiting Sri lanka they had ceremonies and festivals involving large colorful umbrellas that were held over certain people to protect them from the sun.  This inspired me to decorate an umbrella as I looked for the right fabric to use on top.  All of the materials used on this umbrella were bought in Sri Lanka although I wasn't aware that the tassels, trim and dome shaped earings would be combined until I picked up the fabric which matched everything I had already acquired.  When I arrived home I ordered the biggest umbrella I could find and also added trim to the inside of the umbrella (underneath) to hide the holes made to hang the tassels and domes.

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