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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Height  -   40  in″  /  3.3 ft'  /  1 m                         2016
Length -   30  in″  /  2.5 ft'  /  .7 m
Depth   -  1.5  in″  /  3.8 cm
Materials - Curly roving wool (about 96%),
Regular roving wool (about 4%(pink and green), Felt fabric.
The story of this creation is written below the pictures :)
DC 8878_Close Up_edited.jpg

       I found this bright 'curly roving wool' material locally although it was manufactured in Nepal.  At first I only bought one package of green to see if I could think of an idea.  I was able to imagine wild grass after opening it up and spreading it onto the table.  I then researched which other colors were available and created a design with the limited colors offered (although the pink and dark green flower stems are regular not multicolored wool.)  The individual packages weigh seven grams and it was not possible to purchase larger quantities directly from the distributer.  I made a rough draft with only one flower in the design, but since it looked beautiful I decided to expand the size to include 3 flowers with a larger background.  I used the 'needle felting' technique to intertwine the wool into the felt fabric behind it.   Because it is tightly packed only the bottom row of material hangs down. It is extremely soft and can be flipped over, touched or caressed without anything falling out.

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