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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Animals Height  -  16 in″  / .4 m                              2016       
Animals Length -  31 in″  /  .8 m
Animals Width -   11 in″   /  28 cm
Water Height     -  2.5 ft'   /  .76 m
Water Length    -  2.1 ft'   /  .64 m
Materials - Paper mache animals, Artificial moss and trees,
Thick cardboard, Blue textured fabric,
Eucalyptus hardwood, Glue. 
The story of this creation is written below the pictures :)

       I found these animals in the clearance section one day, and although I wasn't confident that I could make something with them, I decided to buy about 60 of them and attempt something for the sake of art.  First I attached some of them to make a base, and after liking that I made a another similar one.  After seeing these bases next to one another it was easy to plan that I had to connect them considering I was also limited in the quantity remaining.  This is my only project using hot glue sticks as I needed a glue that would immediately dry since I was adhering through the air.  The paper mache is porous so the bond is strong and the water representing material is from a textured shirt.

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