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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Lamp Height (from floor) - 48 in" / 1.2 m       2016 - 2022
Lamp Diameter - 10.6 in" / 27 cm
Table Diameter -  32 in"    / .8 m
Materials - Transparent leaf shaped beads,  
Glass ceiling fan lamp shade, Glass oil lamp, Glue.
The story of this Lamp is written below the pictures :)

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       I originally found these translucent beads while visiting Peru. Upon arriving home I placed them on a 'Light box tracer' and formed a design of a tree as the beads are in a leaf shape. I decided to make this into a 3D project but had to figure out how.  After looking online for clues and leads I left with nothing that was close to how I imagined making it.  Eventually I found a glass lamp cover from a ceiling fan unit and a glass oil lamp at a thrift store.  I turned the oil lamp upside down and put one on top of the other but they were not a proper fit.  I then ordered a bigger oil lamp and placed silicone pieces in between the glass so that the two pieces would not be touching yet still provided a proper fit.  Then I ordered more beads and found a nice combination of colors to glue small areas as no part of the lamp is flat.  I had to make a custom table with a plumbers 'shielding coupling' to hold and help with the balance of the lamp in the table top. I used LED lights for the body of the lamp and a regular light bulb inside the top.  The two glass pieces can separated from each other and the table for transportation.

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