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    DAVID   T.   ARTS    

Height  -  60  in″  /  5 ft'  /  1.5 m                         2018
Length -  72  in″  /  6 ft'  /  1.8 m
Rainbow depth -   3 in″ /  7.6 cm
Mountain depth - up to 12 in″ 

Materials - Romanian roving wool 75%, USA wool 2%
Felt fabric, Recycled stuffing 23% (inside mountains only)
The story of this creation is written below the pictures :) 

        While visiting Romania I stuffed a suitcase full of this colorful roving wool and on the plane ride home sketched the design while considering I bought an equal amount of each color and wanted to use as many as possible.  The technique I used to intertwine the wool into the felt fabric behind it is called 'needle fleeting.' I added floor mats underneath the project space to absorb the puncturing needles while I worked mostly on the floor.  Inside the mountains contain recycled stuffing to hold its shape as I stitched around a curved metal bar covered in vinyl underneath the top rainbow stripe to allow hanging. 

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